RWR Investments

a boutique private investment firm

Firm History

Founded in 2011 and based in Dallas, Texas, RWR Investments LLC (“RWR” or the “Firm”) was originally created to provide advice and manage the assets of a 6th generation Texas-family.

In 2013, RWR began managing assets for other families through a multi-family office platform. The principal’s have invested in and managed a variety of asset classes including: long-only public equity, fixed income, private equity, hedge funds, real estate and oil and gas.

The Firm’s primary focuses are on preserving and growing capital, providing operational support and effective governance for its clients.

Firm Objectives


We create a vision with the client by looking at the past, the present and planning for the future.


We determine the correct legal, financial and governance structures to help client’s accomplish their long term objectives.


We execute client’s plan after thorough consultation.


We continue to manage plan for client in order to accomplish long term vision.

Firm Investment Philosophy


Alignment of Interests

We typically only promote investments and managers we have invested in ourselves.


Risk-Adjusted Returns

We believe that attractive, risk-adjusted returns can be generated by having an effective process that focuses on due diligence, asset allocation, tax efficiency and low fees.


Investment Selection

We select long-only equity and fixed income investments in-house and alternative investments are selected based on detailed analysis of qualitative and quantitative factors.


Risk Management

We believe managing risk is the single biggest factor in preserving capital and compounding capital over the long term.

Why Choose Us

Specialty Service

Our service model is “high touch” and top-down in nature, so clients are always dealing with the decision-makers.

Alignment of Interests

Our principal’s invest their own money in eligible investment opportunities.

Cost-Efficient Fee Structure

Our fee structure is simple and highly effective and it provides economies of scale for our clients and compares favorably with competitors.

Financial Pedigree

Our leadership has 50+ years in combined experience on and off Wall Street in accounting, investment banking, management, private equity and hedge funds.

RWR Investments

1901 N Akard St.

Dallas, TX 75201